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Gasteizen 1986. urtetik

B1 Level Test

Jakiteko zein izango den talde egokienea zurentzat, datuak eta testa bete behar dituzu.
Amaieran "bidali" botoaian sakatzea ez ahaztu

1)  Jane's really friendly and _____________ .

2)   Bob works really _____________ in his new job.

3)   Last year, my sister __________ back to the USA.

4)   Do you know ________________ ?

5)   You ____________ to Pete's party. It was great!

6)   I feel terrible! I think I've ____________ a cold!

7)   Paula _____________ in her room all day. Isn't she tired?

8)   The actor was dressed ____________ a beautiful, golden costume.

9)   Last night, I ___________ a very interesting programme on TV.

10)   This is the ____________ building in the United Kingdom.

11)   Oh no! We've __________ milk. Do you want black coffee?

12)   Where __________? I want to get the same hairstyle.

13)   It's _____________ freezing today. I don't feel like going out.

14)   I'm not sure if I can go out later. It depends _____ how much work I have to do.

15)   If Paul ________ for that job, he might have got it.

16)   It's always a good idea to ________ your work after taking a break.

17)   Sophie ___________ tennis three times this week. She's training because there's a club competition on Sunday

18)   John and Anne have __________ . She saw him with another woman.

19)   She refused _________ a doctor. She said it was only a slight headache.

20)   I've decided! ______ every night between now and my final exam.

Lege Informazioa irakurri dut eta onartzen dut.