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Gasteizen 1986. urtetik

C1 Level Test

Jakiteko zein izango den talde egokienea zurentzat, datuak eta testa bete behar dituzu.
Amaieran "bidali" botoaian sakatzea ez ahaztu

1)  I wanted to lose weight, so the doctor told me to try __________ less!

2)   Jason's main reason for working at the bank was the career __________ .

3)   The dogs, _____________ , prevented anyone from getting near the house.

4)   She applied __________ the job even though she didn't have the necessary qualifications.

5)   A: Hurry up, we have to leave now! B: Ok, _____ .

6)   I complained to the doctor because I was ________ waiting two hours for my appointment.

7)   If I hadn't drunk so much wine last night, _________ so bad now.

8)   Colin is a professional wrestler. He's as strong as ____________ .

9)   Lucy regrets ___________ school when he was sixteen.

10)   Two men are known ___________ by the gang which the police are looking for.

11)   Not only _____________ top of the class at maths, but he was also the captain of the school football team.

12)   No-one could understand how Sarah had been able to steal from the company for so long and get __________ with it.

13)   Everyone agreed that Paul ____________ more and that he had tried his best.

14)   It's ______ worth having an external hard drive to save important files, in case your computer crashes and can't be fixed.

15)   All the guests congratulated the President _____ the success of his policies.

16)   _____________ not feeling well, Alice went to work.

17)   When the boy was asked if he knew who had broken the window, he simply __________ his head.

18)   Sam drives so badly, I'll be surprised _____________ an accident soon.

19)   Next December, _______________ for exactly five years.

20)   Although she had left her keys at work, Mary ______________ into her house through an open window.

Lege Informazioa irakurri dut eta onartzen dut.