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Gasteizen 1986. urtetik

B2 Level Test

Jakiteko zein izango den talde egokienea zurentzat, datuak eta testa bete behar dituzu.
Amaieran "bidali" botoaian sakatzea ez ahaztu

1)  I hate it when people are ___________ .

2)   If I __________ the chance to go anywhere in the world, I would go to Australia.

3)   When I went to Italy last year, it was the first time I ___________ anywhere by plane.

4)   Andy is getting used ___________ in China. At first it was a big culture shock for him.

5)   What time did Jane _______ up at the meeting?

6)   The weather has been _____________ terrible recently!

7)   The ___________ told the policeman that she had seen two men running from the bank.

8)   She __________ to be Henry's sister. He's an only child.

9)   Bob could sit ____________ the waves crashing on the shore for hours.

10)   You _________ dress smartly in this office. Most people dress casually.

11)   I suggest ____________ Tate Modern. It's fantastic!

12)   Charlotte __________ talking about her exams because she'd got bad results.

13)   I wish __________ play your music so loud, it's making me go deaf!

14)   Do you remember our holiday last year? If the weather had been nicer we ___________ ourselves more.

15)   Ben has just got back from a _________ to Morocco.

16)   I'd rather you __________ leave your dirty clothes on the kitchen table!

17)   Gaby's mother divided the cake __________ eight equal slices.

18)   In court, it became clear that Jones had used __________ identities to get hundreds of credit cards.

19)   Jim had forgotten to switch his alarm clock on, __________ was why he arrived at the meeting one hour late.

20)   Jenny doesn't really _________ her brother.

Lege Informazioa irakurri dut eta onartzen dut.