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En Vitoria-Gasteiz desde 1986

A2 Level Test

Rellene sus datos y complete el test de nivel para ayudarnos a determinar el grupo adecuado.
Al finalizar no olvide pulsar "enviar"

1)   I ______________ along the street when it started to rain.

2)   Jane works in a _______________ . She says it's a really boring job.

3)   If Paul _______________ late, the teacher will get really angry.

4)   Could you _______________ a photo of me and my girlfriend, please?

5)   You've been to Buckingham Palace, ________________ ?

6)   It's ______________ cold today. I don't want to go for a walk.

7)   This TV has got a really big _________________ .

8)   Do you know the student _____________ brother is a famous film star?

9)   I love ______________ jam on toast for breakfast.

10)   Mr Smith _____________ a terrible crime.

11)   A: Will you stay here for the summer? B: I hope __________ .

12)   My sister is as tall _______ me.

13)   My brother's _____ university. He's got his final exams next month.

14)   When you buy something, it's a good idea to keep the ___________ to show when and where you bought it.

15)   You look __________ my sister! People will say we're twins!

16)   If I _________ English perfectly I could get a really good job.

17)   ___________ me later today, and if I'm not busy, we can go to the pub.

18)   When I was a child I used ________ in my local football team.

19)   I can't believe how much television Sam ____________ !

20)   I __________ go to France for my holiday - I'm not sure.

He leído y acepto las Condiciones Legales.